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Since 1968, I have enjoyed a career in the industrial distribution industry, working in all phases of the business.  My years of  experience include writing computer programs for business systems, management of information technology, human resources, logistics, purchasing, and accounting departments, as well as selling and implementing integrated supply accounts with customers throughout the southeastern United States.  I understand the need to stay abreast of the latest technology, but still believe in the age-old principles of honesty, integrity, and fair play. 

One of my  greatest strengths comes from understanding how the jobs are done.  I can relate to the tasks and I understand the challenges and frustrations that often accompany getting a job done right.  Over the years, I've learned to look for ways to simplify tasks, reassign tasks to employees to best utilize their talents, and eliminate the constant paper shuffling so many of us experience every day.
I understand the importance of maintaining financial integrity of the company while streamlining processes to eliminate redundancies.  I've worked with software companies and provided suggestions on how programs should be developed to give the customer a business system that meets their needs.  I've helped negotiate costs for new computer systems and pre-qualified software companies to insure they meet my customer's business requirements.  I've created computer-based-training CD's and provided on-site support during computer implementations.  As a result, my customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on their software and training investments.

I am comfortable working with your employees one-on-one or in a group setting.   I make sure I understand your company's business philosophy, culture, and goals to provide practical solutions to your day-to-day business challenges.   I understand the importance of getting both employee and supervisor on board with suggested changes and provide a complete report to the customer on all observations, suggestions and changes implemented during our consulting engagement.

I have a passion for education and believe by sharing our knowledge, we make better team members, better supervisors,  better employees, and better business owners.  For over 15 years, I have worked as a consultant to help companies get more out of their business system investments.   Given the opportunity, I will  share my years of experience with you and your company to help bring value and profit dollars to your business. 

                                                                Carolyn H. Hunt 


3108A Honeywood Lane
Roanoke, Va  24018

Ph:  (540) 588-2925
FAX (855) 431-7718
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